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Functional socks provide protection by adding a layer between the shoe and foot, easing friction and preventing blisters and also have cushioned soles and padding to provide even more comfort. Functional socks have to fit right, look good, and not slip..

Product information of Functional Socks

Why choose graduated compression garments for sports?

Pre-shaped stockings with decreasing compression, from the ankle to the calf, are recommended during and after sports activities, for the optimal recovery of venous return in the blood circulation.


What happens during a workout?

During sporting activity, the cardiac output and the flow of the entire circulation of the body increases: the veins react by activating the phenomenon of vasodilation and increase in venous tone. The oxygenation of the tissues improves because all the capillaries are set in motion. Consequently, prolonged exercise causes turgescence of the superficial veins, typical in high-level athletes.

These veins are normal, but in predisposed patients they can be induced to excessive dilation, especially in the legs.


What is the function of elastic compression knee-highs in sports?

The use of elastic compression knee-highs can be useful for sportsmen who have varicose veins or a tendency to varicose veins, especially if they play sports that are not favorable to their circulatory situation. Some studies show a better elimination of fatigue during and after exertion.

What characterizes the high quality in the production of elastic socks for sports?

- Soft anti-shrink cuff with extra soft yarns

- Does not go down thanks to the computerized adjustment of the mesh

- Anatomical part for the positioning of the calf

- Decreasing compression to promote blood circulation

- High elasticity on the instep

- True anatomic heel

- Protection of the back of the foot

- Soft toe with flat seam

- Breathable and thermal insole

What distinguishes these garments from normal sports socks?

KARA functional socks are produced with special elastic yarns, technology and know-how deriving from experience in the field of medical compression. This guarantees the correct decreasing compression from the ankle upwards. The strengths of the Kara Sport Line are represented by special yarns, toe with flat “hand-linked” stitching, extra-soft anti-shrink cuff, anatomical design for calf positioning and particular elasticity at the instep.

The minimum quantities must be agreed upon request.

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