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Occupational Health And Safety Policy

  • Moving from the “clean, healthy and quality production” slogan we embraced as Kara Hosiery, including our senior staff, trained on occupational health and safety subjects to create the necessary awareness and culture.

  • We also act with the faith that all the work accidents and occupational illnesses are avoidable and curable. We are shaping our works, constantly improving ourselves with this approach and act according to below-given principles;

  • To obey all legal regulations of Occupational Health and Safety in all of our activities,

  • To train and raise the awareness of our staff to keep them healthy and safe,

  • To make all of our staff, suppliers, and visitors to obey the determined OHS rules,

  • To detect and remove all factors that can create work accidents and occupational illnesses in our enterprise,

  • To measure the performance of OHS management system and carry out activities to increase the performance,

  • To follow the technological developments in Occupational Health and Safety area and manage our investments  accordingly,

  • To enable the participation of our staff and suppliers to all of our processes,

  • In this direction, we promise to constantly keep-up the good work to create a healthy working environment in all of our processes.

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